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Stable, long term returns from direct investments in Middle Market real estate assets

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Stable, long term returns from direct investments in B-Class real estate assets 1

Naked Capital is taking $100,000 to $2M+ commitments, on behalf of our operating partners, to provide tailored multi-family B/C class real estate investments.

We provide investors with outsized risk-adjusted returns and consistent cash flow.


Annualized Compounded Return Rate


Tax Mitigated Annual Rental Income


Year Hold w/ Tax Sheltered Exit Plans

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Why Invest in Income-based Real

Stable income through inevitable market cycles.

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Why directly invest in large multi unit real estate

Lower Volatility than highly traded real estate assets.

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Multi unit graph

Why B and C class real-estate in secondary and tertiary markets?

Macroeconomic Resiliency.

Class A

  • New Construction or recently remodeled
  • Top amenities
  • High-income tenants
  • Luxury lifestyle
  • Great Location
  • Little or no deferred maintenance issues

Class B

  • Lowest vacancy rates
  • Older properties or not recently remodeled
  • Few or no added amenities
  • Middle-income tenants
  • “Value-add” investment opportunity
  • Some deferred maintenance issues, but generally well-maintained

Class C

  • Older properties or desperately- in-need-of-remodeling
  • Needs infrastructure improvements
  • Lower-income tenants
  • Longer vacancies
  • Less desirable locations
Economic Boom

During a recession, A class renters move to B class. During economic boom, C class moves to B class

Why value-add real-estate?

Non-speculative and Consistent


  • Improving Income-Producing B and C Class
  • 40% of return from Income / 60% from Sale
  • Highest Level of Cash Flow and Flexibility


  • Building new or salvaging D Class properties
  • 10% of return from Income / 90% from Sale
  • Most Speculative


  • Holding A Class Units with Stabilized Income
  • 70% of return from Income / 30% from Sale
  • Least Flexible
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What value is created?

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Safe, modern apartments at rental prices far more affordable than new developments

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Phased-in improvements of outdated and neglected units increases rental income and ultimately property exit value.

How does Naked Capital fit into the picture?

Vetted operators, deal flow, and financial risk mitigation.


Naked Capital conducts comprehensive due diligence on its operating partners to ensure their reputation, past performance, and character meet our standards before ever considering a deal.


Naked Capital individually selects and, where appropriate, re-engineers financial structure to fit specific investors’ timeline and investment criteria.


Naked Capital re-underwrites every deal with independent and highly conservative assumptions and independently stress tests financial performance outcomes under variable market conditions.