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Is your income protected from a downturn?

Scroll down to learn how Naked Capital investments provide safe, stable, quarterly distributions directly into your account.

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Is your income protected from a market downturn?

Scroll down to learn how Naked Capital investments provide safe, stable, quarterly distributions directly into your account.

Naked Capital is taking $100,000 to $2M+ commitments, on behalf of our operating partners, to provide tailored multi-family and manufactured housing real estate investments.

We provide investors with outsized risk-adjusted returns and consistent cash flow.


Annualized Compounded Return Rate


Tax Mitigated Annual Rental Income


Year Hold w/ Tax Sheltered Exit Plans

Why income-based real estate?

Residential income is stable through inevitable market cycles.

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Why mid sized (50-300 door) assets?

Lower volatility relative to smaller or larger real estate assets.

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Multi unit graph

Why Class B Properties?

Macroeconomic Resiliency.

Class A

  • New Construction or recently remodeled
  • Top amenities
  • High-income tenants
  • Luxury lifestyle
  • Great Location
  • Little or no deferred maintenance issues

Class B

  • Lowest vacancy rates
  • Older properties or not recently remodeled
  • Few or no added amenities
  • Middle-income tenants
  • “Value-add” investment opportunity
  • Some deferred maintenance issues, but generally well-maintained

Class C

  • Older properties or desperately- in-need-of-remodeling
  • Needs infrastructure improvements
  • Lower-income tenants
  • Longer vacancies
  • Less desirable locations
Economic Boom

During a recession, A class renters move to B class. During economic boom, C class moves to B class

How operational improvements protect your investment

Increasing asset income will increase the asset value, even as market conditions change


  • Improving Income-Producing B and C Class
  • 40% of return from Income / 60% from Sale
  • Highest Level of Cash Flow and Flexibility


  • Building new or salvaging D Class properties
  • 10% of return from Income / 90% from Sale
  • Most Speculative


  • Holding A Class Units with Stabilized Income
  • 70% of return from Income / 30% from Sale
  • Least Flexible
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How does this benefit tenants?

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Safe, modern housing at rental prices far more affordable than new developments

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Phased-in improvements of outdated units and improved asset amenities

Why invest through Naked Capital?

Our aggregated capital position provides leverage to negotiate far better terms than an investor could on their own


Naked Capital underwrites hundreds of assets per year only to choose the precise asset class, market, operational plan, and individual assets that will provide investors with exceptional risk-adjusted returns given the current market conditions.


Naked Capital conducts comprehensive due diligence on its operating partners to ensure their reputation, past performance, long term vision, and character are in exemplary standing before ever considering a deal.


Naked Capital leverages it’s full investor base to increase investor favorability, and where appropriate, re-engineers the financing to maintain industry appropriate conservatism.